Thursday, November 23, 2017

Autopedigree is responsible for many, many automotive advancements since 1998.  Our firm helped a small used car dealer grow from 35 wholesale transactions per week to over 500 (depending on what day you ask).  Our firm is responsible for breaking the industry out of the Model-T Syndrome which defined a automobiles value based on book estimates and somebody's best guess.  If you look really hard (actually just over your shoulder) you will notice our technology embedded within every success story in the automotive industry during the last 12 years.  

We are very excited to release our "HeadCure" roadmap based on our patent pending "AutoBubbles Methodology" free to everyone, everywhere.  No longer will our technology be shorted to always lead to one particular Kingdom.  Our methodologies are truly OPEN which allows any Automotive Dealer (Used, New, Wholesale) or Auction Facility or '20 Group' or any combination to trade amongst themselves or any demographic publicly.  Easily stated, with our processes your can create your own custom circular ecosystem.

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